The following is a list of RECO qualified contractors authorized to construct or perform maintenance on distribution lines or incoming service equipment. The list is based on these criteria:

  1. Education and experience of the company's managers, supervisors and technicians.
  2. Inventory of specialized equipment for construction and work on distribution lines up to 15 KVA.
  3. Inventory of safety equipment at 15 KV.
  4. Background (project history).
  5. Professional affiliations (CIMEQH, IEEE, INFOP, etc.).
Contractors Contacts:  15 KV Energized 15 KV Three-Phase Underground 15 KV Air Three-phase 15 KV Underground Single Phase 15 KV Air single phase up to 50 KVA 600 V for Down Underground and Overhead 
Electrical Solutions Cardona / Fredy Cardona 9928-2253       X X X X
Green Hill Energy Solutions 9439-9524
Página Web:
  X X X X X
Fredy Torres 9964-6600 /8921-8991      X X X X
Balderramos Electric Service / Wilber Balderramos 9471-7243 / 3377-3722     X   X X
Electrica Hernández / Roque Hernández 9470-1384         X X
Vegas Electric

2445-1309 / 9943-9973

  X X X X X
Ing. Jorge Abilio Diaz 3391-6172     X X X X
Electromechanics and Consulting / Ing. Misael Ortíz 9609-6219 ELECON.HN@GMAIL.COM         X  
GALVANI Electromechanical / Eng. Luis Sánchez 9948-8513         X  

NOTE: 15 KV energized. The category refers to projects for the expansion, modification or location of existing 13.8 KV networks. Any contractor whose name does not appear on the list must make the request at the Customer Service offices.

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