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Roatán Electric Company, (RECO), is the energy service company for the tourist island of Roatán, Bay Islands, located on the north coast of Honduras. RECO offers generation and distribution service to the most attractive tourist island in the country, providing service to the municipalities of Roatan and Santos Guardiola.

The island is a tourist destination appreciated and known for its tropical beauty, with a natural diversity of marine fauna, reefs and a population of more than 60,000 inhabitants.

Roatán Electric Company was born in 1992, when the company was managed and led by the local community, under agreement and transfer of the congress of the Republic of Honduras.   It was in 2007 when the national electric company intervened and in 2008, the company assumed a new administration.

With this, the company begins a process of major investment and growth in the generation and distribution systems; of course, the consequent development of the productive and commercial engine of the entire island.

In 2017, the company inaugurated the LPG-based power plant, an innovative, technological and environmentally friendly generation system with an installed capacity of 28 megawatts. Among other projects, the company has the Trade Winds Energy wind farm, located in the Brass Hill area, which provides a generation of 3.9 MW.

With a transition in the generation of clean energy RECO integrates new renewable energy projects to the energy matrix, recently it has the operation of the first solar park with a generation of 7 MW, an energy project with the highest technology integrating a battery system GEMS storage. The second park will soon be integrated, which will provide more energy generation.

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The company's investments have achieved an installed generation capacity evolved from 6.6 megawatts in 1993, to 41 megawatts in 2018, diversifying in its power generation projects for the well-being of the island.

With more than 29 years of service on the island, RECO advances with a generation of clean energy, contributing to the protection of the environment and providing a quality service to the users of Roatán.

Our Values

  • Occupational Safety: To manage the company under adequate occupational safety with the objective of having "zero" accidents and "zero" incidents with our employees and customers.
  • Environmental Awareness: RECO is an environmentally friendly company, integrating clean energy generation systems, reducing CO2 emissions and contributing to the care and preservation of the environment.
  • Honesty: The company and its employees are transparent in all their actions with respect to the law, customers and suppliers.
  • Integrity: RECO and its employees are consistent with actions, values, methods, measures and principles.
  • Customer Satisfaction: The company places its customers as its top priority; every effort of the company and its employees is oriented to satisfy our customers.

Working for your future

Innovation Development Responsibility

Tecnology and service, innovating in our energy systems
contributing with the development
of the island of Roatan.