Energy Projects

LPG Power Plant

Roatan Electric Company (RECO) provides electric power service for the island of Roatan with generation through a modern and technological Clean Combustion plant based on LPG gas.  

The generation plant provides cleaner, more reliable and efficient energy to customers in the municipalities of Roatán and Santos Guardiola.


The LPG plant's facilities include an electric power generation plant with four high-efficiency Wärtsilä engines, with a generation capacity of 28 MW. 

The equipment is state-of-the-art, manufactured by the Finnish company Wärtsilä, a world leader in power generation plant technology. 

The plant's generators are fueled by propane gas, considered a clean combustion because it contains no impurities or particulate matter. This reduces gas emissions (such as nitrogen oxide) by up to 95% compared to diesel, an environmentally friendly generation.

The generation equipment has the capacity to use different types of fuels, either gaseous or liquid. This allows RECO to evaluate the possibility of using other available fuels in the future that may be more efficient.

With the new propane-based power plant, RECO provides a reliable energy supply, increasing environmental and safety standards for the well-being of Roatan's inhabitants and visitors, improving conditions for the island's economic and commercial development.

RECO Port and
Fuel Storage

With the construction of the new LPG plant facilities, RECO has a new Fuel Storage Area at its Terminal and Port. 

The RECO Terminal has the ISPS Code Certificate, an area where both LPG and diesel from local and international vessels are unloaded for the exclusive use of the power plant.  

In the port area, dock operations such as mooring/unmooring of the vessel, connection/disconnection of hoses, monitoring of safety and fire systems, among other actions, are carried out.

The LPG storage area consists of 12 gas storage tanks with a capacity of 90,000 gallons each, for a total of 1,080,000 gallons. In addition, the RECO Terminal has an LPG barge with a storage capacity of 840,000 gallons. 

Trade Winds
Energy Park

In addition to RECO's energy system, Trade Winds energy provides 3.9 MW

The Trade Winds Energy Park consists of 26 Nordtank generators with an individual generation capacity of 150KW. The park is located in the Brass Hill area and contributes as a tourist attraction for visitors to the island for its incredible scenery, ocean view in which you can see the island of Roatan and the cruise port.

Electrification Project
Saint Helene Island

Roatan Electric Company, RECO, in 2019 inaugurates the electrification project for the island of Santa Elena, starting the development of the fifth largest island of the archipelago of the Bay Islands, possessing an unparalleled beauty with virgin forests, exotic plants and birds, which begin a new history.

With an investment of US$9 million, the project will benefit more than 600 inhabitants of Santa Elena, thanks to the work carried out by RECO in conjunction with the company Geomares, who installed 4 km of submarine cabling from the Old Port Royal area to the Rocky Point area in Santa Elena to bring electrification service to the area.

With the electric power service on the island of Santa Elena, the economic development of the area will grow, strengthening the tourist destination. With the installation of the submarine cabling, this provides the island with access to fiber optics with Internet and cellular telephone service, which will be very useful for health and education centers.

The submarine cabling has the capacity to transport 10 Megas, greater than the current needs that oscillate between 150 to 200 kilowatts. This will contribute to any future expansion in tourism.

With the expansion of electric power service to the island of Santa Elena, RECO continues to provide reliable, sustainable and effective energy service through environmental and safety standards, with its generation systems contributing to the economic growth and commercial development of the island.

Innovation Development Responsibility

Tecnology and service, innovating in our energy systems
contributing with the development
of the island of Roatan.