Public Announcement-Change in RECO Online Payment Platform

RECO is pleased to announce the implementation of an ERP system that will substantially modernize its operations in general and will create a highly efficient payment environment. In doing so, we are communicating to all RECO on-line users that the traditional RECO on-line payment platform currently residing in our web page will be entirely replaced by the new payment application called GINIH by March 31st, 2022.

This means that we are requesting from all RECO on-line users to set up their GINIH account between now and March 31st, 2022 date in which the previous RECO on-line platform will cease operations and will no longer be serviced.

RECO GINIH application can be downloaded directly to Smartphones from the Apple Store, Android Store or through computers to electronic links.

SMARTPHHONE (Simple Camera Click on the QR Code):


In any of these options you simply enter the new blue customer code R000XXX appearing in the bill or ask us for your GINIH code and we shall provide it in case of single accounts. R000XXX que aparecen en la factura o solicitarnos solicitarnos tu código GINIH y te lo facilitaremos en caso de cuentas únicas.

In case you manage multiple accounts you simply continue adding more accounts by pressing the plus (+) sign. You might prefer using a computer should you be paying more than 3 accounts through our application.


Up to March 31st, 2022 both applications will remain in use to facilitate payments and the transition but the old platform will be cease operations on April 1,2022

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