Protecting the natural resources of the island, we successfully transplanted and relocated three palm trees from the main street to RECO's facilities

April 2021. Contributing with the conservation of the environment, the company carried out the activity of transplanting three palm trees that were removed from the main street due to the construction and expansion of the new road of the municipality of Roatan.

With the coordination of RECO's operational team, the work of relocating the palm trees, which measure approximately 25 to 30 feet, was carried out, being replanted on the grounds of the administrative offices.

The excavation was done by machine, a technique generally used to relocate large shrubs or trees under the process of extracting from the ground with a truck and a large shovel digging the tree, moving it with its roots to its new location.

The work was successful with transplanting the three palm trees that can now be appreciated thanks to their height and nature giving them the optimal care at the RECO facilities.