Enterprenuers Campaign Buy Locally,
Shop Locally made in Roa

We are glad to outstand the dedication of the island's entrepreneurs, who have been the inspiration to create the campaign Shop Locally Buy Locally Made in Roa.

Meet our entrepreneurs with the diversity of their products and services at Roatan.

  1. Mrs. Karen, an example of tenacity, we congratulate her effort and motivation offering excellent products made in Roa, learn about the different products at Condimentos Artesanales Karen. Condimentos Artesanales Karen.
  1. From the area of Corozal, Island Honey entrepreneurs Apicultores Corozal elaborate excellent products derived from natural honey, you can buy locally made honey and other products such as soap, creams and hair care items. 
  2. Culinary talent, worthy of the best local gastronomy is our entrepreneur, Visit Wok Roatan for healthy and great food. 
  3. Meet Tati Pereira from Artisan Treats. Thanks to her effort and dedication, Tati makes high quality artisan bread. Try her products Artisan Treats, we feel proud of the dedication and entrepreneurship.
  1. At Roatan we also find fresh, locally produced products grown and distributed by Blue Harbour Plantation. You can find high-quality culinary herbs and lettuce all year round. The firmness of our entrepreneurs gives us energy. 
  1. Being an entrepreneur involves a daily effort, whether on land or at sea, as our friend Polillo from Punta Gorda, we motivate them to continue promoting the development of the island.
  1. We wish the best for our Roatan and for our entrepreneurs who offer their products and services with great care. Island gastronomy can be enjoyed at Wagundan Restaurant located in the community of Punta Gorda.  

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