Important distribution works at the north side of the island

The company continues with important advances in the distribution network at the north side of the island, where 80 hydraulic concrete poles are being installed.

As part of the planning, the works are being performed with the objective to connect the next solar park to the distribution grid, project located in the northern side of the island; at the same time, public lighting works will be carried out. With these works, the public lighting service on the island is being continuous, thus complying with the requests by the population, projects that are part of the company's community service plans.

During the first months of the year, different areas have been illuminated: El Suampo, Bo. El Ticket, Brasshill, Brick Bay, Col. Bodden, Col. Brisas del Valle, Col. Los Maestros, Coxen Hole, First Bight, Flowers Bay, Flowers Bay, Franco Flat, French Harbour, French Key, Gibson Bight, Gravel Bay, JonesVille, Los Fuertes, Oakridge, Pensacola, Plan Grande, Punta Gorda, Sandy Bay, Santa Elena, Spring Garden, West Bay, West End, Los Fuertes, Santa Maria, Cañaveral, Crawfish Rock, Punta Gorda, West End, West Bay, Red Hill and Lucy Point with a total of 313 lamps installed to the month of March.   

Roatan Electric Company works with the planification of the installation of street lighting lamps, as well as receiving requests from the residents of different areas to repair damaged units.

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