We promote entrepreneurship and the local economy With Campaign Buy Locally, Shop Locally made in Roa

Roatan, Bay Islands " Buy Locally, Shop Locally made in Roa " is an initiative that was born at a key moment for the local and national economy, which has been affected by the emergency derived from covid-19 and natural phenomena during the tropical storm season.
“Buy Locally, Shop Locally made in Roa”, empowers, visualizes and highlights the quality of the products and services made and offered at the island of Roatan by entrepreneurs, micro and small businesses to encourage their local consumption and boost the economy.
Roatan with its more than 60,000 inhabitants has so far depended on domestic tourism and cruise ship tourism, both severely impacted by the covid-19 pandemic to the extent that the incomes of many households have been affected.
RECO with the communication team and as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility, have produces graphic arts, radio and TV spots of the entrepreneurs that will be broadcast by the various communication media, including social networks.
In addition, interviews, appearances and the presentation of testimonies of the entrepreneurs that motivate local consumption and generate more entrepreneurship within the island will be arranged.
Small businesses and local food ventures, various services from construction, producers, tourism, among others, that follow the initiative's guidelines, can participate in the campaign.
The spirit of " Buy Locally, Shop Locally made in Roa " is to support small, medium producers and service providers, in this first stage of the campaign we have had the participation of various local businesses and ventures, including: Island Honey, Karen Artisan Condiments, Blue Harbor Plantation, Artisan Bread, Wellu Coffee, Wok Restaurant, Wagundan Restaurant, Tour operators such as Saint Helene Adventures, Helene Culture Tours, fishing groups, among others.
Entrepreneurs and service providers who require more information, can request it at communications@recoroatan.com, or contact the telephone numbers 2407-2170 / 79 ext: 1122, Communications department.

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