RECO and collaborators commemorate Environmental Day

Roatán, Islas de la Bahía.- Roatan Electric Company, RECO, celebrated Environment Day with a tree planting campaign at the Trade Winds Energy Park.

The activity #Save the planet today, counted with the participation of the employees of the company and their families, planting a diversity of fruit trees as almond, apple, soursop, mango, avocado, among others, which have been provided by the organization BICA Bay Island Conservation Association, detailed Fabiola Rosales, Public Relations Manager of RECO.

In addition to this activity in support of the environment, RECO is a reference company for its clean generation systems with the LPG-power plant, Trade Winds energy project and with the solar farm that will soon start operating in French Harbour area.

The generation of clean energy is the aspiration of every territory that lives from tourism, sustainable operation and in its eagerness to contribute with its green footprint on the planet, since 2017, RECO ventured into cutting-edge technology innovating with the generation of energy, modernizing its equipment, changing technology, migrating from the consumption of diesel as the main raw material to the consumption of LPG.

With this, the company has achieved a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions of 200,000 metric tons of CO2 in a period of 4 years.

We continue transforming our generation to renewable energy, in 2021 we will start operations with the first photovoltaic solar park and battery bank in the South solar area and later the North solar park, emphasized Ramiro Tumbaco, General Manager of RECO.

RECO has an installed capacity of 43 MW, which guarantees the supply of 100% of the island's energy demand, including residential, commercial and industrial demand in Roatan, Bay Islands.