Wärtsilä trains RECO Generation team in the operation of the BESS and GEMS systems.

With the new solar projects the operability will be managed with the BESS system a battery energy storage system and the GEMS system the General Energy Management System.

Roatan, June, 2021.  The generation staff of Roatan Electric Company, RECO, received an advanced training for the operation of the storage systems and the central energy control equipment for the operation of the solar projects.

The training was provided by expert engineers from Wärtsilä, the company that supplies the generation and storage equipment for the energy supply of the new solar projects.

The engineers and technicians were trained in the handling of the hardware to learn in depth about the equipment that make up the battery containers of the solar projects, the overcurrent and overvoltage protection system, the fire protection system and the design of the cells of the energy storage system.  

The training focused on the operation of the new GEMS system, General Energy Management System, in order to detect possible failures that could occur during operation, knowing the technical reactions to different scenarios such as loss of software communication, failures in the generators or battery inverters, among others.

Wartsila experts Eric Yamami, Customer Success Manager, Christian Wang Chief Solution Engineer and Scott Billups, Senior System Engineer, trained nine employees of the generation team.

RECO started since 2016 its route towards clean energy generation with the installation of its clean combustion LPG gas based generating plant with a capacity of 28 WM, the Trade Winds wind farm with 3.9 MW and currently with the integration of the solar farm with a capacity of 12 MW and its storage battery system to guarantee the stabilization of the service.

With these investments RECO is at the forefront in the generation of clean energy in the country and in the Caribbean, since they allow it to reduce gas emissions on the island by 95%.